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Dues-paying members are given access to the groups discussion page. Once confirmed, you will be able to join in on the discussion and help promote positive change within our Local. Groups give you access to the following:

  • Individual job class forum.

  • All-Staff forum

  • Quick access to members of your e-board.

  • The ability to talk through ideas for change and guide our Local's next steps in negotiations.

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Contract Proposal

How are proposals reviewed by bargaining teams?

All proposals are carefully reviewed by your elected bargaining team and each one is voted on for support, non-support, and/or a referral. Those that are supported become part of the initial proposal made by our Union. 

This form will be used by the Bargaining Teams for the purpose of developing initial proposals – it is for internal WFSE use only and will not be submitted to the employer.

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Contact the Member Connection Center (MCC) to check your membership status. 



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